Travellers Rest

The 1799 Home
Judge John Overton


Historic Travellers Rest Plantation offers guided historic house individual or group tours. 
Luncheon tours are also available, packages vary.

Follow the life of one of Tennessee’s most influential 19th century characters, Judge John Overton. The historic house represents in detail his family, his ventures, and the friendships he built before his death in 1833. Please join us for a guided historic house tour with a lunch option.

Historic House Individual or Group Tours

Historic Travellers Rest Plantation & Museum is one of the most unique historic homes in the Nashville, Tennessee area. The home, built by Judge John Overton, was completed in 1799 - just three years after Tennessee gained statehood. At that time, Tennessee was the Western frontier and Nashville was the place that many came to make their fortune.

John Overton, the founder of Memphis, had a circle of friends that included the likes of Andrew Jackson and Sam Houston. Overton was one of Jackson's closest friends and a driving force in Jackson's campaign for the presidency. He and men like him used politics and power to expand the nation and their wallets.

Years later, Overton's son would be the wealthiest man in the state of Tennessee and builder of the Maxwell House Hotel. During his time at Historic Travellers Rest Plantation, the home would be used as the headquarters for General John Bell Hood in the days leading to the Battle of Nashville. The estate's peach orchard wouldbe marred by the battle's bloodiest fighting.

But wait...this place has even more history and that of a more ancient nature.  About 900 years ago, the land where Historic Travellers Rest Plantation sits today was a prehistoric Mississippian village.  The Mississippian culture spread along the rivers of the Southeastern United States between approximately AD 900 and 1500 and left behind numerous archaeological sites and earthen mounds. Uncover the extensive history of the Historic Travellers Rest Plantation!

Regular Historic House Tours & Exhibit Cost:
Adults (12 & Up) $12.00 per person

Military (with military ID) $11.00 per person

Seniors (65 & Up) $11.00 per person

Student (ages 11 and up) $10.00 per person

Children (ages 6-11) $6.00

Grounds & Exhibit Cost:
$10.00 per person (No discounts for this option)

Specialty Tours

Your visit to Historic Travellers Rest Plantation begins with a historic video presentation in our Battle of Nashville Exhibit, followed by a guided house tour that shares the use of herbs in everyday life, as done by Mary Overton, wife of Judge John Overton. The tour leads to the house gallery with one of the options below.

Historic House Tour & Box Lunch
Enjoy a boxed lunch on the gallery of the historic house. 
If desired, a club meeting may be held during this time.

Grand Magnolia Tour & Catered Luncheon
A catered buffet luncheon consisting of casserole, salad, fruit and dessert for your guest. 
A club meeting may be held during this lunch time. After lunch, the group is invited to walk the grounds 
to explore the Herb Garden and Formal Garden. Tour Last 2 and 1/2 hours.

Advanced reservations are required. The group minimun is twelve. 
Payment must be made at least two weeks prior to event. 
Cancellations may be rescheduled in advance but may not be refunded. 
Please Contact Us for pricing or any additional information.

Group Tour Package

Please call for availability and pricing.

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